Boston 50,000 Watt Flamethrower WRKO Expands to Weeknights! :: Interview with WVMT

May 4th, 2019 - 4:43pmby FTL_Adminin

In the radio business, stations don't get much bigger than WRKO-AM in Boston, MA.  The call letters go back for decades and the format has been talk since 1981.  In a business where stations seem to flip formats every few years, WRKO has remained rock-solid in its talk format.  Its 50,000 Watt signal booms out over a huge area, even at night.  And now, Free Talk Live is heard on WRKO six nights per week.  We started last summer on Saturday nights, and as of this week were added to weeknights 10pm-1am as well.  The only bad news is we're not live during those hours and we're in temporarily until the station can find a live show for that timeframe.  However, I'm still grateful to be there - it's tremendous exposure on a hertitage talk station in one of America's largest metros.  Wow!  

Of course, it's listeners like you that helped make this possible via the Free Talk Live AMP program, where listeners contribute as little as $5 (or BTC) per month to help Advertise, Market, and Promote Free Talk Live.  Some of the AMP money goes to talk radio veteran Skip Joeckel who reps the show to stations and helps us find hot leads.  WRKO was made possible by Skip, which was made possible by AMPers.  Please take a moment to join the AMP program and get some cool perks!

In other affiliate news, we've recently gotten back on in Vermont on Burlington's WVMT-AM/FM and the morning show recently had me on for an interview.  You can listen to it here.

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