Darryl W Perry Resigns from Free Talk Live Management Role

January 22nd, 2019 - 3:26pmby FTL_Adminin

Over the years, it’s been a pleasure to see Darryl W Perry be the most dynamic of our co-hosts. On his personal journey during his time at Free Talk Live he began working out and running regularly, shedding over 150 pounds and completely changing his physical appearance. Previously sedentary, Darryl is now a marathon runner who has competed recently in the New York City Marathon among many others.

He also recently fell in love and as sometimes happens as a result, life has called him in a new direction. Today, with heavy hearts, we announce Darryl’s resignation from his role as a managing partner of Free Talk Live. Since he’s only resigned from managerial duties, Darryl may still be heard as a co-host of FTL, but he’s no longer tied down to any particular broadcast schedule.

We understand that you’ll still be able to hear Darryl on his daily newscast, “FPP Radio News” and his longform weekly podcast, “Peace, Love, Liberty Radio”, both are available to download at FPPRadio.com and continue to air on LRN.FM – the Liberty Radio Network.

Whichever direction his new life takes him, we wish him the utmost success and are grateful for Darryl’s service.

Ian Freeman & Mark Edge