Discord Reorganization & Improvements + Ian on RT America

October 14th, 2018 - 2:04pmby FTL_Adminin

The LRN.FM DIscord is now better than ever!  I've simplified the chat rooms by eliminating the show-specific rooms and replacing them with "on-air-now", which is now the default room for all new users to land when joining the server.  This should make the experience more welcoming for new people, and less confusing for people who want to find the chat for whatever's live.  I'd noticed people wouldn't necessarily move their conversations to a new room when a different show came on, so let's just keep all on-air discussion in one place, rather than breaking it up into multiple rooms.

Of course, many of our show hosts are partipants on the LRN.FM Discord, so in order to give them a way to reach you without having chat distract from their statements, there's now a host-announcements room where only LRN.FM hosts can post stuff they want you to know.

Also, if you missed my appearance on RT America on Friday to comment on the mass Facebook takedowns, you can watch it here.

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Thank you for listening!