Is DLive going to kill Twitch? We're streaming there now!

April 10th, 2019 - 8:42pmby FTL_Adminin

The media is spreading a story everywhere about YouTube streamer PewDiePie moving his live streams over to a blockchain-based, purportedly decentralized site called DLive.  Thanks to the guys in our Discord server for the heads-up on the news, I was able to create an account for LRN.FM and we are already streaming LIVE on the DLive platform.  If we hit 200 followers on DLive we will make it to their "Verified Partner" status.  Can you give us a follow on the new LRN.FM DLive channel?  Just visit

Also, if you've had trouble watching our Twitch feed at 720p resolution, you'll have a much easier time with the 480p feed we're currently sending DLive.  Some other neat things about DLive include the fact that you can tip the channel in crypto, the LINO Points that back the platform.  These are purchasable with crypto, paypal, or credit card.  Unlike Twitch, which takes 50% of all subscriptions, on DLive, 90% goes to the creator.  They've even got an app for smartphones.

Over the next few days, users will be pouring into DLive because of the PewDiePie, so we are well-positioned to get some of their users to check out Free Talk Live and LRN.FM.  Especially with your help to build our early viewer numbers.  Just goto, create an account and follow the channel.  It looks pretty neat so far.

Thanks for your continued support!