Ernest Hancock joined the Discord + Forkfest 2018 One Month Away

May 12th, 2018 - 3:32pmby FTL_Ianin

Now at 664 members, the LRN.FM Discord continues to be active with chats between our listeners and several LRN and Free Talk Live hosts.  Now, the host of "Declare Your Independence" - our weekday morning show - Ernest Hancock has registered an acount and posted to a couple of rooms on the server.  Hop on in at (or use invite code 649DSqf) and join the discussions - there are several channels available 24/7.

We're one month away from Forkfest 2018 - the 2nd annual decentralized libertarian camping event in New Hampshire.  The Telegram chat is active as is the Forkfest forum (part of the Shire Forum that hosts the Free Talk Live/LRN forum).  If you're going, you should get in touch with the others who are also making plans.  You can link to them all from

See you there!