Filtered Feeds Are Back :: ZCash Tip Jar :: Stossel & State of Anarchy Interviews :: App Status

July 8th, 2019 - 5:05pmby FTL_Adminin

Big update this week, I'll try to keep it brief.  Last week our filtered podcast feeds like the FTL Episodes Only or Digest Only feeds went down, but now they are back!  You can see our full list of feeds here.

By request, I've added a ZCash (ZEC) address to our Cryptocurrency Tip Jars page.  Got a favorite crypto you want to see added?  I'll consider it.  Just email me about it or post in the cryptocurrency discussion room on our Discord server and tag me (@FTL_Ian).

This Saturday night's show featured an hour-long interview with John Stossel, one of the most influential libertarian voices of our time.  If you missed that episode live, you can download it here.

I was also interviewed back at Anarchapulco by "State of Anarchy" and you can watch that here.

Finally, when trying to figure out why the LRN.FM app disappeared from the app stores, I was able to find an email from our app provider saying they were going to start charging for listing the app.  Originally we were told the app would be free and they'd make money from ads.  It wasn't a bad app, but there are plenty of great, free streaming apps out there, so why pay for a just okay one?  I couldn't justify it when I could instead just recommend the excellent TuneIn app, where you can find both LRN.FM and the FTL 24/7 streams easily.  Or you can use any other streaming audio app and search us or just use the links available on the LRN and FTL sites.

If you like what we do, talking about liberty on broadcast radio seven nights per week, please join the AMP Program for just $5 (or BTC) per month.  You'll get cool perks and the satisfaction of knowing your ideas are reaching new ears across the United States and beyond.

Thank you for listening to and supporting Free Talk Live,