Free Talk Live to Broadcast from Agora Valley during 2020 Porcupine Freedom Festival

May 31st, 2020 - 5:15pmby FTL_Adminin

This year the Porcupine Freedom Festival - New Hampshire's longest running libertarian camping festival is undergoing some changes, including lowering their ticket price to $25 and cutting back on the event's physical footprint at Roger's Campground. According to Derrick J, that means he'll be celebrating Forkfest DURING the Porcupine Freedom Festival from Jun 22nd - 28th and afterwards from Jun 29th - Jul 5th. Free Talk Live will join Derrick and Steven from Anypay and we've already got our spot reserved in Agora Valley, which is no longer an extra cost for people that want to vend during Porcfest. Of course, Forkfest, the decentralized libertarian camping festival, has never had vendor fees or tickets. So join us during the New Hampshire Freedom Festivals for two weeks at beautiful Roger's Campground in Lancaster, NH Jun 22nd until July 5th. We'll be celebrating independence in general and independence for New Hampshire from the evil United States. See you there.

Yesterday I was at the Black Lives Matter protest in Manchester, NH. I just finished the video, please share as you like, thank you:

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