"Freer Talk Live" Aftershows Now on DLive and Twitch!

April 13th, 2019 - 4:55pmby FTL_Adminin

This week we launched on yet another streaming video platform, DLive.  While it doesn't really appear to be too decentralized, it has been getting a lot of attention and it is based around a cryptocurrency.  Plus, with the influx of new users on the site thanks to PewDiePie's move there this weekend, it's smart for us to be there.  Within just three days of broadcasting there, we've nearly hit the 200 follower count, and once we do that, the LRN.FM channel will become a "Verified Partner" on DLive.  That will then allow us to pursue being a "Global Partner".  Can you take a moment to create a DLive account and follow the LRN.FM channel there?  It's been a pretty good experience so far.  The callers have been better than the average Twitch caller, too.  

Our feeds between DLive and Twitch are slightly different, Twitch is 720p and DLive is 480p in resolution, so the video will be a little better looking on Twitch, but 480p on DLive still looks very nice and will be easier on bandwidth.  Some viewers were unable to watch Twitch because of the speed of their internet connections, so DLive will now make it possible for them to watch.

If you prefer 720p, please follow us on Twitch and leave your browser open to help us reach our goal on Twitch of 75 viewers on average over a month.

Don't forget to share our channel's link on your social media to let everyone know when and what you're watching!  Thank you.