FTL Launches Jazzycams! + Now Accepting Credit Card Tips

November 4th, 2018 - 5:06pmby FTL_Adminin

Our Twitch channel has hit over 500 followers and over 30 subscribers have given us their Amazon Prime subscription - thank you!  As of yesterday, we've added two extra cams to the studio - both pointing at Jazzy Girl's bed!  Beware you may experience cuteness overload if you tune in to our video feed.  To ensure you don't miss any of our video streams, including Free Talk Live, Call to Freedom, Questioning Authority, and Jazzycam as well as the occasional video game stream, be sure to follow our Twitch channel and install the Twitch app and make sure your notifications are on for the LRN.FM channel

In addition, you can follow the instructions below our Twitch video feed to link up your Amazon Prime with your Twitch account, which makes it easy to then give us your free subscription each month.  We really appreciate it!  Plus, LRN.FM can now take credit card donations (and Paypal) via Tip.LRN.FM and your contribution will show up live on our video feed (presuming you do it when we're streaming).

Don't forget, the best way to help Free Talk Live is to AMP the show for $5 per month and get some cool perks.  Thank you as always for listening and sharing Free Talk Live!