FTL now on FM in DC! :: "The Liberty Beat" newscast is back! :: Text-to-Speech on Twitch

January 19th, 2019 - 12:54pmby FTL_Adminin

Huge news!  Free Talk Live is now on-air in the belly of the beast - Washington DC for the first time ever.  We started last Saturday on the brand-new "WONK-FM", from 9p-1a.  We're actually on two frequencies, 104.7 on FM, and 101.1 on HD2.  If you're in the heart of the city, check us out.  I wonder who else will be listening?  You can see our full affiliate list here.

In LRN.FM news, "The Liberty Beat" has returned to our top-of-the-hour news rotation on LRN.FM and the FTL 24/7 streams!  Hosted by Nick Murrow, this activist-produced newscast was previously on LRN until they went on hiatus.  It's great to have them back.  You can see the full LRN.FM schedule here.

Are you following LRN.FM's or Free Talk Live's social media accounts?  LRN.FM's accounts have posts from multiple hosts while FTL's accounts are just for Free Talk Live.


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Finally, our Twitch stream now has text-to-speech on for donations to http://tip.lrn.fm above $4.  So when you contribute during our live streams, your message you type when you submit your tip will be read on-stream by our robot lady.  

Thank you for listening to LRN.FM and Free Talk Live,