Got a computer at home or at work? We could use your help.

March 14th, 2019 - 6:51pmby FTL_Adminin

As you are probably aware, in January 2018 we began offering our live video feed on, the mostly-video game streaming platform.  The LRN.FM Twitch features the live shows for Free Talk Live, Call to Freedom, and Questioning Authority.  Plus sometimes there is a Jazzycam feed featuring LRN.FM's audio and also an occasional video game stream from here in our Keene, NH studio.  Outside of the several hours that we are live streaming on most days, our channel features the Twitch feeds from hosts like Aria DiMezzo of CTF and Johnson of FTL as well as feeds from our listeners' Twitch streams.

We reached the rank of "Twitch Affiliate" fairly easily and early on - that rank mostly required a certain sustained volume of streaming.  The "Twitch Affiliate" rank allowed us to receive subscriptions from our viewers, which for them removes Twitch's advertisements from the channel and cuts LRN.FM 50% of the subscription revenue.  That's pretty cool, but the next level of "Twitch Partner" is still a ways out of reach.  That level requires a sustained viewership of at least 75 over all streams in a month's time.  Our typical view count per show ranges usually from 10-25, but sometimes as low as a handful and as high as the low-thirties.  

It is my understanding that if we can reach that 75-viewer-sustained goal, we'll have the ability to pay to be featured on Twitch's front page, driving countless new viewers to our shows, and the ideas of freedom.  We have more than 75 active right now on our Discord server and a few thousand people will receive this newsletter, so we CAN achieve this goal, with your help.  It will take a moment of your time and ideally a home computer or work computer.  Here's what would be a big help:

1.  If you don't yet have a Twitch account, please visit and click "sign up" at the top.  Create your account and login.
2.  Visit our channel at and click the "Follow" button with the heart icon on it.
3.  You may wish to enable or disable notifications for the channel, depending on your preference - just look for the bell icon near our video window.
4.  Ok, here's the critical part - keep your brower open to our channel at
5.  Leave the window open for the next few months.  If you like, you can mute the browser tab's audio if you're not actively listening. 

Beyond getting to Twitch Partner, having more simultaneous viewers will mean more people will find us on Twitch who are just browsing the Talk Shows category, which is ranked by viewer count.  While this approach is intended to work the system, it's not intended to encourage cheating.  Please do not create more than one account on Twitch to artificially inflate the view count by using more than one computer.  I want to show that our audience is actually behind us, as Twitch will get new viewers from this tactic.  I want those viewers to be real - to actually be you.  Please leave the channel on, just as many people have left a television channel on in their living room back in the day.  Whenever you're on your computer, you'll have us there, easily at hand.  Plus, you'll know you're helping spread the ideas of liberty, just by having that browser window tuned to (or

If you want to go the extra mile and also have Amazon Prime, please assign us your free monthly Twitch Prime subscription. If you have Amazon Prime, you can help LRN.FM by assigning your one free Twitch subscription per month to us. First link your Amazon Prime to your Twitch account here. Then, every month you can use the subscribe pulldown menu above our Twitch channel's video feed to subscribe - you'll get the usual Twitch subscriber perks and LRN.FM will get about $2.50.  Once we achieve the Twitch Affiliate level, that amount will increase somewhat, I've heard to $3.50.  This is another way to show Twitch that our support is real.

Can you help make this happen for us?  We could really use your assistance with this goal.  Thank you!

UPDATE - We're informed that it may be best to mute the browser tab rather than the Twitch video player. To mute most browser tabs, just click the little speaker icon in the tab in question.