How you can support us on

March 1st, 2018 - 1:43pmby FTL_Adminin

Do you have Amazon Prime?  We now have more specific instructions to help you give your one free "Twitch Prime" subscription to us on the LRN.FM Twitch channel.  First, connect your Twitch account with your Amazon account:
1.  Login to your account
2.  Vist
3.  Click in the right column on "connect your Twitch account".
4.  Now you should be able to use the subscribe pulldown on our Twitch channel at to give us your one free subscription per month, which nets LRN.FM $2.50!
One other thing, the Twitch subscription part (step four) apparently has to be done every month, so if you did it last month, please take a moment to stop into the channel and do it again.  By the way, we now have over 200 followers on Twitch, which means those people get notices on their app or email (likely) whenever we go live.  If that sounds useful, you should download the Twitch app, follow our channel (You can do that at, and make sure your notifications are turned on: