Local Expresses Frustration with Libelous Fliers Continually Posted Downtown

April 28th, 2016 - 4:03pmby FTL_Ianin

Smear Campaign Against Ian

Haters gonna hate, and lie.

It’s been over a month since some local liars first posted libelous flyers all over downtown Keene. I responded to it when it first happened here on the blog. It’s by no means the first flyer attacking me ever posted in Keene, but it’s certainly the most sustained effort. Various locals have been removing the attack fliers when they see them.

Evidence online has pointed to certain people who call themselves “STOP FREE KEENE” as the perpetrators of the incessant-flyer-posting. While the people involved should be commended for their consistent effort, their “activism” here is little more than littering. It’d be one thing if they kept their postings to bulletin boards, where it could at least be argued that postings are welcome, though no good person wants libelous fliers posted on a corkboard they are in charge of.

Interestingly, my girlfriend Renee was told by someone calling themselves “Max Sand” recently on her radio show Anarchy After Dark, that the libel that the local haters used on their flyer was actually written by Max, an internet troll and fan of Chris Cantwell. SFK’s anonymous blogger has attacked Cantwell in the past, so it’s ironic that they’d use a Cantwell fan’s libelous attack against me in their flyer. Politics sure makes strange bedfellows.

Regardless, some locals are rightfully upset about the flyers littering the downtown that continue to reappear within a day or so of being removed. Here’s a letter to the editor of the Keene Sentinel by David Crawford that addresses the situation:

This letter is about the illegal flyers that have been put up and ripped down for over a month all over downtown Keene and elsewhere, and some that are currently up as this letter is written.

Anyone who spends much time downtown has had to have seen them. I have seen them posted directly at eye level when leaving Keene City Hall and right outside of the door of most downtown businesses and the Chamber of Commerce. They have also been posted on the Keene State college campus.

If you have not seen them, maybe you have heard of them. They have been referenced in The Sentinel, posted with pride on the “STOP FREE KEENE!!!!!” Facebook Page and complained about on “FreeKeene.com.”

You can see a picture of the flyer I’m talking about at http://freekeene.com/2016/03/19/response-to-dishonest-hitpiece-flyer-being-posted-downtown/

I did speak to the mayor about the illegal flyers twice. I told Phil Suter of the Keene Chamber of Commerce that they don’t represent the good people of Keene and that they were bad for commerce and handed him one and left his office. Three of the flyers can be seen from the stoop of the Chamber of Commerce’ front door for over a month now. They can be seen now as I write this.

I have also talked to the police department.

I know there are cameras downtown aimed at Central Square because they have been used for law enforcement in the past. I think City Hall should get the footage from those cameras and catch the perpetrators of this heinous libel to the good people of Keene and put an end to this ugliness.

David Crawford