LRN Apps Disappear from App Stores :: Call to Freedom Changes :: New FTL Affiliate in OK

June 30th, 2019 - 12:59pmby FTL_Adminin

Easy come, easy go.  Some listeners noticed the LRN.FM & FTL listening app is no longer available on either iOS or Android.  I have reached out to the app people to find out what happened, but it's ultimately not really a big loss.  While some people liked the app, others reported it was buggy with memory leaks at one point.  I'm guessing they just decided our small audience wasn't worth the trouble of updating the app anymore.  The company that had made the app for us is the same one that handles our telephone listen lines and they had offered to do it for free, which allowed them to sell ads in-app. 

If you still have the app, it still works.  I'll update you via email if it gets relisted, but for now, if you need an app with which to listen to the FTL 24/7 streams or the LRN.FM streams, please try TuneIn.  TuneIn is available in your App or Play store and has been around for a very long time.  Both FTL and LRN.FM's streams are available there.  Plus our streams will work on just about any media player that can handle streaming MP3 or has a Shoutcast directory built into it.  You can either search for our streams or just add them manually with the stream info you can find on the FTL and LRN sites.

You can also listen to our live shows in our Keene, NH studio by using the DLive or Twitch apps.  Speaking of DLive, we just got approved as a "Verified Partner", which means we can now have subscribers on the DLive platform and will also have transcoding service which means you can change the resolution of our video down to 360p if you need to save bandwidth.  Twitch's app also has an audio-only option.  If you are watching us on either platform, please follow our channel.  We're almost 75% of the way to our 1,000 follower goal on DLive.  Thank you for following us there.

In other LRN.FM news, our afternoon show Call to Freedom is changing its live schedule to Wednesday and Sundays 2-5pm Eastern, effective immediately. 

In Free Talk Live affiliate news, our existing station in Enid, OK, KZLS-AM has added a simulcast on KNAH-FM HD4 in Oklahoma City.  As always, full details are available at our Affiliates page.

Like what we do?  Please join the AMP program for $5 a month, get some cool perks and help us spread freedom on more radio stations nationwide.

Thank you for listening and supporting Free Talk Live and LRN.FM,