LRN.FM Has Transitioned to Streaming Podcast Network

June 28th, 2021 - 1:09pmby FTL_Adminin

Big news: LRN.FM has transitioned! The 12-year liberty-oriented streaming audio channel is now nearly wall-to-wall podcasts instead of live shows. The only remaining live program is Free Talk Live. In our earlier days, we had live shows every weekday from 9am all the way through Midnight and still other live shows on the weekends. Over the years, they either ceased production entirely or switched to being recorded and podcasted. Given that it's easier and more convenient to record shows and most of them weren't focused on taking calls so there was no reason to be live, it's clear this transition was inevitable. The LRN.FM mission remains the same, however - to bring you the best liberty-oriented talk content out there, in a streaming format. It's a way to discover new shows as a listener and of course it provides 24/7 audio for broadcasters looking to program their radio stations with freedom-friendly shows.

As the final piece of this transition, this weekend marked the final live airing of Vincent's show, "Questioning Authority". Like the recent update I sent regarding Ernest Hancock's "Declare Your Independence" moving from live-to-podcast, Vincent is doing the same thing. Though, his new show will be called "Shire Free Media" and it will be heard more often, expanding to weekdays as part of our daily podcasts and joining DYI, Tom Woods, Good Morning Liberty, and Adam VS the Man.

Also, at Ernie's request, "Declare Your Independence" is again starting at 9am Eastern. DYI begins our daily podcasts, which air in the same order every day, followed by the weekly podcast loop picking up where it left off last time it played. That said, I'm happy to say there is finally enough regularly-produced pro-liberty podcast audio in the world to fill most of the broadcast day, so our weekly podcast loop doesn't air much during weekdays as a result. However the weekly podcasts will exclusively air during the "LRN.FM Podcast" blocks during weekends, so everyone's shows will get airtime on LRN.FM. As always, you can get our full program guide at

Finally, welcome to our newest podcasts on LRN.FM: Adam Kokesh has resumed production of his "Adam VS the Man" as a daily show, so he's back on-air, now every day. Plus, John Bush and a large crew of co-hosts is behind the brand new "Unloose the Goose". Full program details at

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