LRN.FM Programming Changes + New FTL Radio Affiliates

July 7th, 2018 - 2:13pmby FTL_Adminin

Big news!  Tim Preuss has gone from an hour a day to two per day on his weekday podcast.  Because of that dedication, we're featuring him in the 12p-2p Eastern slot on weekdays now on LRN.FM.  That makes his show in the near ten years of LRN.FM the first podcast to actually have a scheduled time.  Congrats to Tim on taking his show to the next level.  It's rare to see a libertarian broadcasting daily, let alone for two hours per day.

Also in LRN.FM programming news, Johnny Rocket has announced he's launching a new show to replace "Johnny Rocket Launch Pad" called, "Blast Off! With Johnny Rocket".  You'll hear it during our weekly podcast loop.  As always, our programming guide is here.

In Free Talk Live affiliate news we added WHAK-AM in Rogers City, MI and WYPV-FM in Mackinaw City, MI - at the tips of the glove.  You can see our list of over 190 radio affiliates and more here.

To help us get FTL on more radio stations and bring more internet listeners onboard, please take a moment and join the AMP program for just $5 a month.  You're our marketing budget.  If you think we're doing good work for liberty, imagine what we could do with five times the marketing budget!  We've currently got approximately 200 AMPlifiers.  Could you help get us back up to 300?  You'll get cool perks like access to the AMP-only facebook group and Discord chat rooms, the AMP podcast and more.  Please check out the details here at

Thank you for listening!