Mark’s Minarchist Solution to Government School Funding, Primary and Secondary

February 27th, 2018 - 8:48pmby FTL_Markin

On 2018-02-24 on Free Talk Live, we discussed the Parkland school shooting. Consistent with our normal MO, we blamed it on the State. Not the State of Florida, the hierarchical, monopoly organizational model.

Mostly this elicited a chorus of voices on 2 sides: 1. Government schools are great and and you two don’t know what you are talking about and 2. You’re right let’s kill government schools and start over. What we didn’t get, naturally, are the people on the fence and I would imagine they are legion.

My Co-Host, Ian, and many hardcore libertarians will howl at my upcoming solution, but they all know, in their hearts that a truly free world will not spring from the head of Zeus tomorrow.

So, I propose a small government solution that is easy and highly implementable, likely over 2 years, a short term in office for a politician. First, give all of the schools to the teachers, administrators, janitors and employees of the school, No, Administrators at a Municipal level don’t count, they can get real jobs or the principle of a given school can decide to include them, if deemed necessary. Don’t worry, you aren’t losing control over your local school here, you never had it in the first place. The money is gone and wasted, quit crying. Two, set up a means-based scholarship program administered by the Property Assessors Office. Kids living in the lowest quintile of domiciles in a municipality (whichever one is dominant in a given area) get 75% of what is currently spent per pupil in their area, as averaged out over the last 5 years. Kids in the second to bottom quintile get 50% of that. The reason for the 25% reduction in per student spending is a presumed amount of government waste. Bam! I just cut property taxes by 50% or so, prevented Middle Class people from sponging off the Dole and destroyed the bureaucracies on the federal, state and local levels freeing teachers to teach, you’re welcome.

Figuring out which domiciles are of what value should be a simple sorting task for any data-base. Click Sort-By and take the bottom 20% and the next 20% after that. Simple, government is never that easy, but there will likely be an adjustment period where they can move their systems into the ‘90s, if not the ‘00s. People will have to bring in proof of residence and letters can be sent periodically to the domicile with a Do Not Forward stipulation. Property Assessors do this already to make sure that people aren’t renting their homes out and claiming them as a residence. I don't know why people would do this under this proposal, but people game systems all of the time. I did. I didn't want to go to the crappy, redneck high school in my town. So I said I lived at my Gram's. Worked fine. 

For those that wish to use their vagina as a clown car, there will be a diminishment of 20% per additional child, on a matriarchal line. If you want to start a hockey team, do it on your own dime! If you want to get with a gal that has two kids and claim that vagina as your own by having her push a baby through it, that is a vanity baby, you pay for 40% of their schooling.

This system will cover the poor, which are the go-to for statists when discussing the Middle-Class babysitting, day-prison shooting-gallaries that we call public schools. Leaving them defending teacher’s unions and Middle Class people that are bad at budgeting, much lower ground. It also will allow the Educational Market to flourish is a way that it never has in this country. People will allocate their educational dollar towards schools that spring up to meet the needs of their kids, instead of pounding every round peg through the square hole of the government school system. Not every kid needs more than basic math, I didn’t. I took math as high as Trig in school and have never used anything more than basic math. If I do need it, I can find a formula online to meet my needs. The most useful thing I learned in high school was typing, and that was an elective, considered a lowly clerical task in 1988.

School Sucks, and it isn’t going to get better by doing the same thing over and over. 20% of student that graduate from government school are functionally illiterate. Common Core is just sliding a doily under a turd. Obviously, this proposal is in it’s early stages; if you have ideas to make it better, email me at mark (at) freetalklive . com