Mark Pulled a Molyneux, But We Stopped His Mad Power Grab

August 5th, 2018 - 7:35pmby FTL_Adminin

Last week began with the unfortunate news that FTL co-host Mark Edge pulled a Molyneux and used a DMCA takedown on a YouTube video he didn't like (one which used our show content).  It would be one thing if Mark had done such an unprincipled thing on his own, but he claimed to do it on behalf of Free Talk Live.  After an on-air rebuke, he apologized for doing it in FTL's name and has promised never to do it again.  I will reiterate here what I have said on-air forever, which is that Free Talk Live does not believe in intellectual property and you are free to copy, edit, or do whatever you please with our content.

Thankfully, the week ended with the good news that Youtube restored the Mark-offending video upon my request, which made it clear to them that Mark made this move without authorization.  FTL is no longer able to be blamed for any takedown, because the video is back and Mark has been publicly shamed for his act.  All is well.

I would like to remind Mark that any "war" against people who don't like him on the internet is a waste of his effort and undermines his message of peace.  Meanwhile, the intellectual property debate will likely continue on-air over time, as usual.  Our phones are open all the time should you wish to join the conversation live any night.

Of course, you can discuss the issue anytime via the FTL Forum and Discord chat server!

Regardless of your opinion on "intellectual property", thank you for listening to and sharing Free Talk Live,