Matrix Chat Server: Now with Federated Channels!

November 16th, 2020 - 4:56pmby FTL_Adminin

Free Talk Live recently launched a self-hosted Matrix chat server and it's been a smashing success. Recently, I posted about why I hit the reset button on all the server's public channels. Now, we're introducing another new feature - federated chat rooms.

What does that mean? It's one of the strengths of the Matrix platform, a decentralized system which allows servers to accept connections from other Matrix servers. In this case, our server contains rooms that are federated and some rooms that aren't. The federated rooms allow connections from anyone on any other Matrix server. Each channel admin gets to decide whether or not to federate their room(s). On our server, the federated rooms include the brand new "Federated Chat" and also "Goldbacks", "New Hampshire", and others.

So, feel free to login from anywhere in the Matrix and try some of our channels. If you like it, you can find instructions here on how to create an account on our server, which then gives you access to all the server channels that only allow our server's users in, like "On-Air Now", "News & Show Prep", "Cryptocurrency", and others. Also exclusive to our server's users: the brand new "LRN.FM Party Line", which is a channel that features an ongoing Jitsi video/audio chat room.

There is no cost to join the server, though AMPlifiers have access to a special, private supporters-only channel. There's a slight learning curve, so please follow the step-by-step instructions at

As always, thank you for participating with, supporting, and sharing Free Talk Live,