Millions of Listeners per month

August 28th, 2018 - 12:05pmby FTL_Markin

I am often asked "How many listeners does FTL have?" This question is as reasonable as it is unanswerable. One person could listen to every segment of FTL: are they one listener or more? One guy I know downloaded 60,000 episodes of FTL; we don't even have that many episodes! You can see the cunundrum. 

So, knowing this, I propose a different question: How many listens, rather than listeners, does FTL get per month?

Podcast: We get around 100,000 downloads a month. I am fine with calling these one listen. The industry standard for podcasts is to just ask for downloads. More than one person could clearly listen to a podcast, but some downloads are not listened to.

Radio: I have seen radio ratings for FTL in the past - though not all stations are rated since the companies that release these numbers only provide ratings for stations that pay for inclusion. In round numbers, FTL's AQH (Average Quarter Hour ratings), for the stations that are included in the ratings, are 25k for Saturdays and 10k for weekdays, Sunday is a mystery, but likely in between. So, if you mulitply the quater hour ratings by 12, for the number of quarter hours in a show, you get more than a million a week [(12x25,000)+(12x6x10,000)=1,020,000} and more than 4 million a month. 

Additionally, as mentioned, we are on stations that aren't counted in the ratings, our satelites cover all of North and Central America and Sub-Saharan Africa, we are on many dozens of internet streams, and our AMP podcast is uncounted in my download numbers.

So there is no real way to provide an accurate answer to the number of listens, beyond an estimate of millions, but it is a heck of a lot easier to answer than the the number of listeners.

I want what I say to clients to be as close to true as I can make it. Please vote in this poll and tell me what you think.

Considering these facts; do you agree the statement that FTL gets millions of listens per month true?