New Affiliate in KY :: Discord Purge

November 30th, 2019 - 10:58pmby FTL_Adminin

Free Talk Live welcomes our new listeners in Prestonsburg, KY on WDOC-AM, weekdays 11a-Noon!  We're the midday show!  As always, you can see the full list of over 200 radio affiliates here.  If you like seeing us add new radio stations, please get behind the show's AMP program at for just $5 (or BTC) per month!  You'll get some cool perks and help us spread the ideas of freedom.

Also, every now and then I initiate a purge of accounts from the LRN.FM Discord server that have not logged in within 30 days.  I like our server's user count to be accurate and that helps keep the numbers honest.  However if you got caught in a purge, logging back in to the server is simple and you'll instantly be back without having to register a new account, since the account registration process is discord-wide.  If you would like to join, or re-join the LRN.FM Discord, we'd love to have you join the ongoing conversation between FTL and LRN.FM listeners.  It's free and fun, so do check it out.  If you're new, here's what to do:
1.  Download the Discord App for your phone or computer, or both at or via your app/play store.
2.  Register an account with Discord.
3.  Click on our URL in your browser, which will access the LRN.FM server via an access code:

Thank you for continuing to support and listen to Free Talk Live and LRN.FM,