New Affiliate in NM :: Major Talk Shows Ending Nationwide :: More Twitch-ONLY Aftershows

December 2nd, 2018 - 4:38pmby FTL_Adminin

This week we welcomed our newest radio affiliate, KRSY-AM in Alamogordo, NM.  They've added us to Saturdays to replace the now-ended Freedom Feens radio show.  You can see our over 190 affiliates here.  While I am sad to see the Freedom Feens go, as they were the only other libertarian nationally syndicated talk show in the United States, there is some potential good news with other radio shows ending at the end of 2018.  Laura Ingraham is ending her radio show, Michael Savage is cutting his back to an hour a day live, and Michael Medved and Phil Valentine are no longer going to be in syndication.  If you happen to know that one or more of those shows are heard on your local talk station(s), now is the time to reach out to the program director there and tell the PD you want to hear Free Talk Live!

In other affiliate news, longtime Saturday live affiliate WNIS-AM in Norfolk, VA has added us to Sundays as well!

Plus, we've been having fun over the past couple weeks with the new "Freer Talk Live" aftershows that are exclusively on the Twitch video streaming platform.  I had a listener reach out via email asking if these episodes will be on the podcast.  At this time these are Twitch-exclusive, however you can still listen just to the audio track via the Twitch app.  Just hit the gear icon once you begin playing one of the Aftershow videos and choose "Audio only".  That will save your bandwidth and easily allow you to listen live or later on - anytime you have an internet connection.  We're doing them Twitch exclusive to try to draw some more people to our Twitch channel as the more popular we are there, the more new people on that platform will see our show for the first time.  So, if you haven't yet, please follow the LRN.FM Twitch channel.  You can decide whether you want notifications for our live streams there or not, which also include our other great Keene-based live shows like Call to Freedom and Questioning Authority.  Our next Twitch-only aftershow will be this Tuesday at 10pm Eastern.

And while you can support us via the Twitch platform, the best way to directly support Free Talk Live is our AMP program, for just $5 per month.  Are you excited that we're almost to 200 radio stations?  It's mostly thanks to Free Talk Live listeners who've joined AMP via Paypal, credit card, or Bitcoin (BTC).  It means a lot to us, having your support at

Thanks for listening to and supporting Free Talk Live,