New Affiliates :: AMP Brings on Monster Radio Station

June 30th, 2018 - 1:28pmby FTL_Adminin

FTL welcomes three new affiliates including FM translators for our existing stations WIMS-AM in Michigan City, IN and KBJT-AM in Fordyce, AR.  Also we welcome one of America's longest running, most successful, and top rated radio stations - WRKO-AM in Boston, MA!  Affiliates don't get bigger than WRKO - 50,000 Watts!  You can see our full affiliate list here.

How did we get one of the best stations in the U.S.?  There were two critical parts that were both made possible by the Free Talk Live AMP program.  First, the station lead came to us from Skip, the guy we've hired for years to represent the show via his "Talk Shows USA" company.  Skip's an industry veteran and Program Directors look to him when they need quality shows.  He was critical in helping WRKO come onboard.  However, I closed the deal at the TALKERS conference we attended this month in NYC - also paid for by AMP.

Unfortunately, the AMP program has slowly lost support over the last several years and is now down close to just $2,000 a month.  We don't have much room in our promotional budget and if AMP keeps going down, we may have to make some cuts.  Darryl already voluntarily gave up his pay he was receiving for affiliate relations work.  Despite our show being heard on more radio stations than ever, our direct AMP support is shrinking.  We'd like to do more advertising Free Talk Live (say, on Penn Jillette's monster podcast that gets approx 500,000 downloads per episode) - but we just can't afford it.  

Recently we dropped below 200 AMPlifiers.  Just a few years ago we had 300.  Over time, we've had more than 1,000 cumulatively, but people come and go for various reasons.  Many former AMPlifiers come back when they can, but overall we're losing more than we're gaining.  If you support our mission to spread the message of peace, liberty, and cryptocurrency to the masses, please support us via the AMP program.  You'll get some pretty cool perks like the AMP-only Discord chatrooms, the AMP-only facebook group, the AMP-only podcast and more.  All for just $5 (or BTC) per month.

Thanks so much to all those who AMP the show - you guys made this new monster radio station possible!