New Shows on LRN.FM :: DLive

April 22nd, 2019 - 12:29amby FTL_Ianin

LRN.FM welcomes two new additions to our podcast lineup, Sherry Voluntaryist and "Postcards from Somalia".  Learn more at our program guide:

Also, the new LRN.FM DLive channel is on fire!  We're already at over 300 followers in under two weeks' time.  By comparison it took over a year to reach 700 followers on Twitch, our other main video platform.  On DLive, if we have 200 followers, we can apply for "Verified Partner" status, however they prefer we have a month of broadcasts under our belt before applying, so I'm going to wait until we do.  Meanwhile, the next level on DLive requires 1,000 followers, in addition to a few other requirements, so let's push for that level in our first month.  At this rate, it's definitely within reach.  Can you help?   Please register an account on DLive and follow the LRN.FM channel there.  

Is DLive actually a decentralized platform?  There's a debate about that and we've been discussing it on-stream in our internet-only shows.  As we learn more, we'll inform you about it on-air.  For now, it's a way of reaching more people with the ideas of liberty, so we're going with it.

Please help us AMP Free Talk Live and also join our LRN.FM Satellite Patreon if you want to help our broadcast missions.  Thank you.
Ian Freeman