New Shows on LRN.FM! :: Twitch Update

March 23rd, 2019 - 12:48pmby FTL_Adminin

LRN.FM welcomes back to our lineup Paul Duane who has launched a new show called "The Show Anarchist Podcast", plus Tatiana Moroz and Stephanie Murphy have teamed up to launch a brand new program called "Proof of Love".  As always, our full program guide is available here.

In other news, the LRN.FM Twitch channel has grown a little in the last week, but we're still not even halfway to our goal of a mere 75 live viewers.  When you watch us live on Twitch, or even just listen, you help our live numbers which attract more viewers the higher we go on the charts.  More new viewers means more people being exposed to the ideas of liberty for the first time.  Remember, Twitch viewers are overwhelmingly from the younger generations - they need to hear these ideas.  Our Twitch is almost to 750 followers, but our typical live view counts over the last week ran from 10-30.  Can you help us?  It's easy activism - just login to Twitch and leave our channel open in one of your browser tabs 24/7 for the next few months.  That way, we're always there for you to listen/watch if you're around. 

Don't forget to interact with other listeners on our Discord chat server or the Forum.  Oh and please AMP Free Talk Live for $5 a month or join the LRN.FM Patreon for $2 a month.

Thanks for your support!