New Stations in NM, MI :: Liberty Lobby

April 8th, 2017 - 3:56pmby FTL_Ianin

This week we welcomed an unusual second station in the same market as an existing affiliate!  KTRC-AM is the progressive talk sister station of our existing affiliate KVSF-FM in Santa Fe.  KTRC needed a show to replace the late Alan Colmes, so they chose Free Talk Live, as frankly, there aren't really very many successful progressive talk show hosts to choose from industry-wide.  So, the libertarians are the next best choice!  We are happy to be on the air in Santa Fe on two radio stations!  Also, our existing Saturday-only affiliate WHTC-AM has added an FM translator.  You can see our full list of over 160 affiliates here.

Also, videos are going up this weekend from Darryl and my recent testimony in front of the NH state senate committees this week.  Stay tuned to the Free Keene youtube channel and blog for the latest.

Finally, please take a moment to AMP the show for only $5 (or bitcoin!) a month.  It makes a huge difference for us and helps us spread the ideas of liberty as far and wide as possible.  Plus, you get cool perqs - learn more at