"Nobody Tels the Truth" - on our LBRY channel! New Stations in Michigan

August 2nd, 2020 - 3:38pmby FTL_Adminin

Free Talk Live welcomes two more stations in Michigan, WDMJ-AM in Marquette and WMIQ-AM in Iron Mountain. They were purchased by our existing affiliate WCHT-AM in Escanaba, which has aired FTL on weekends live since 2014. For full affiliate details on our over 190 radio stations, please visit http://affiliates.freetalklive.com.

If you missed "Nobody Tells the Truth" live Friday nights on our Dlive and Twitch channels, we're now pushing select episodes out to the FTL Youtube channel at http://youtube.freetalklive.com and also our uncensorable LBRY.TV channel: https://lbry.tv/@FreeTalkLive. Here's an excellent episode recently that featured an epic interview and origin story with Captain Kickass: https://lbry.tv/@FreeTalkLive:d/nobody-tells-the-truth-featuring-captain:7

Cryptocurrency is on fire recently! If you'd like to support us with crypto, visit http://crypto.freetalklive.com for various donation QR codes.

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