Now you can get paid to hang out on our Discord thanks to the awesome tipping bot!

September 23rd, 2019 - 10:21pmby FTL_Adminin

This is such cool news I thought it deserves its own email.  This weekend I was recommended a new bot for our Discord server.  Normally bots are used for things like moderation but this bot,, is a crypto tipping bot.  This bot is amazing.  It lets you easily tip anyone on the LRN.FM Discord server.  Not only can you tip other chatters, your favorite callers, and favorite show hosts - most are on Discord - but you can also "airdrop" crypto into a chat room and let anyone who wants it, lock in their claim.  After a time limit specified by the tipper, the airdrop is divvied up between those who opted-in.  You can do some other neat stuff with the bot.  Its username is "".  Just send it a private message of "$help" - without the quotes - to learn some basics.  Click the little icons that appear under its help message to see even more commands.

Over the last couple of nights our Discord chatters have been having a blast using the bot to tip each other and as of this writing, hundreds of dollars worth of various cryptocurrencies have been given away.  Yes, the bot supports dozens of different cryptos like BTC, DASH, BCH, XLM and more!

The Discord was already a pretty fun place, but now if you're an active participant you can get rewarded.  I'm planning on doing plenty more cryptocurrency giveaways there - just did several tonight - but you can only get a piece if you're on our Discord server.  Here's how to join it:

1.  Download the Discord app for your computer or smartphone - or both!
2.  Create your account and login.
3.  Join the LRN.FM Discord by clicking on this link: or use this longer one if the first one doesn't work:
4.  You'll be dropped right into our on-air chat, but feel free to explore the server and ask questions of our chatters if you need any help.

At this point, you'll be able to receive cryptocurrency from other users and you can also deposit your crypto to your Discord username by messaging the bot with "$deposit".  Keep in mind, we have no idea who is running this bot, so don't deposit anything that you can't afford to lose, as this could just be one giant exit scam run by the bot people.  That said, it's a great bot and is bringing a new level of fun to the server.   

I've selected the default currency for the tip bot as Stellar Lumens (XLM), since its super-fast and also can be traded for stable assets natively on the Stellar network.  If you receive some XLM on the Discord and would like to withdraw it, you can of course use Edge Wallet.  Stellar is also the crypto supported by the Keybase ID/chat app that we discussed recently on-air.  Plus, there's a new site that allows you to easily trade Lumens for the other assets like USD natively on the Steller network.  It's called, though it is pretty new, so volume isn't high.  I'm really impressed with Stellar so far.

Also, today due to a server issue, I deleted all the current invite codes that people had generated in the server, so if you had an invite code, it's been canceled and you'll need to create a new one.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks for listening to Free Talk Live and LRN.FM and I hope to see you on our Discord,
Ian Freeman