TALKERS Conference in Manhattan + Twitch Tips

June 9th, 2018 - 5:54pmby FTL_Ianin

We're back from the TALKERS conference in NYC where we gathered with other talk radio professionals in Manhattan to discuss various talk industry things.  It was our thirteenth year attending, as always thanks to the Free Talk Live AMPlifiers.  AMPlfiiers are the elite group of about 200 listeners worldwide who contribute at little as $5 a month each to our mission of spreading the message of peace, liberty, and cryptocurrency to more listeners via radio and online.   Of course, we giveaway our archives and cam feed to anyone, but AMPers get extra perks like special chatrooms on the Discord, an AMP-only facebook group, and more.  You can join via paypal, credit card, or BTC.  Thank you!

Did you know you can get notifications of when both Free Talk Live and Call to Freedom go on the air via Twitch?  Just choose follow on our Twitch channel and make sure your notifications in your twitch settings are on.  If you have the Twitch app for your phone, you can get them that way, or via email.  The notifications are super-handy.  Also, did you know that you can stream just audio via Twitch's phone app?  Maybe you'd like to save on your data usage or you just want to be able to turn off the screen or switch apps (normally things that kill a video stream) and keep using your phone?  All you have to do is load our Twitch stream in the app (easy after you've followed our channel) and hit the gear, then choose audio-only. 

Thanks for listening to, following, and supporting FTL and LRN.FM!