Tip your favorite hosts with Gold, USD, or Crypto!

November 17th, 2019 - 11:20pmby FTL_Adminin

Did you know that we now have different ways for you to tip your favorite live show hosts on Free Talk Live, Questioning Authority, or Freer Talk Live?  It's easy.  If you want to send a tip as you're listening live, here's how:

Visit http://tip.lrn.fm and use the form to pay with either your credit card or Paypal.  If you tip over $4, you can even include a message that appears on-screen for everyone watching to see.   If you would like the hosts to receive gold in the form of the super-cool Goldback currency, just say so in your message.  In order for hosts to receive Goldbacks, the tip must be a minimum of $5 per host in-studio.

You can use the spiffy "tip.cc" bot in our Discord server to tip your favorite hosts directly with your choice of dozens of cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens.  Just send the tip.cc bot a private message of $help to learn more.

Thank you for watching and supporting our shows on LRN.FM.  Also, please do follow our video channels on DLive and/or Twitch.