Upcoming July 5 Episode

June 28th, 2021 - 10:35amby Aria DiMezzoin

Forkfest has officially started, following up the largest Porcupine Freedom Festival in history. I'm tremendously excited to see what the week has to offer, though it looks like "a lot of rain and thunderstorms" are on the agenda. Regardless of the weather, it's going to be a great time. I've been discussing things with people, and it's been suggested that the best dates for next year's Forkfest may be June 18 through June 30. Apparently a lot of people are still showing up early for a pre-party, and it has no name, whereas a large number of the people I've talked with plan to leave this coming Wednesday. Having the dates of June 18 through June 30 would allow Forkfest to be both the pre-party and the after-party. While it's good to have outreach to the non-libertarians who will begin arriving Thursday for the Independence Day celebration here at the campground, it also raises some concerns about theft and other things that occurred around the final few days of Forkfest last year. This will be discussed more in the upcoming months, since we will be working more closely with the Porcupine Freedom Festival to create the biggest and best festival we can.

That isn't what this post is about, though. That's just an update on how things are going here in the beautiful White Mountains.

For those who haven't been listening to the show, it's been a bit of a rocky time at Free Talk Live, though everyone has done an amazing job keeping things going. On March 16, three of our people were raided and arrested by the FBI, and pre-trial release conditions have prohibited Ian and myself from having any contact whatsoever. Seeing as we do a radio show together, this is quite clearly unconstitutional. The judge overseeing the case agreed with my attorney's arguments about the unconstitutionality of a blanket no-contact order, and told the prosecutors to come to an agreement with us on the matter. Surprisingly, the terms we got were pretty much the terms that I and my attorney sought, most notably the final provision:

"...to communicate at any time in person, by email, or by text message regarding the broadcast of Free Talk Live, technical issues, staffing, content, or any other matter reasonably related to the broadcast of Free Talk Live."

The order was signed Thursday, June 24, but did not go live on Court Listener until Friday, June 25. I almost feel shackled by Forfkest as a result, knowing that I can again see my friend and broadcast the show with him. However, that's a weak "almost," and I'm happy to be here at Forkfest until July 5. Forkfest technically ends on July 4, but I have absolutely no desire to tear everything down early in the morning and then drive back to Keene in a convertible (which doesn't have working A/C because it's a convertible, so it doesn't really matter most of the time if the A/C is working) in the 90 degree noon sunlight. So on July 5 I'll be returning to Keene.

I will also be returning to the LRN studio--formerly the FTL studio, although that's a misnomer these days since there are two Free Talk Live studios. I will be rejoining Ian Freedom live on the air that night, and we will follow up the overdue reunion with a fresh episode of Freer Talk Live, which is an Internet-only after-show produced and managed by Free Talk Live. You definitely won't want to miss the long-awaited return of Ian and Aria on Free Talk Live, and it's happening live on June 5, to be followed by the after-show.

You won't want to miss this explosive evening. Live July 5, bleeding over into those very special episodes of Free Talk Live that we call "Freer Talk Live."

In love and liberty,