Vin Armani Returns to Free Talk Live - From the Mariana Islands

May 16th, 2020 - 1:20pmby FTL_Adminin

After a brief move to California, Vin Armani has returned to the air on Free Talk Live, this time in the role of first-chair host as he is now heading up the Friday night Marianas Edition of the show. The Marianas Edition of Free Talk Live originates from Saipan in the North Mariana Islands and started earlier this year after Mark made the move to Saipan as part of the Crypto Frontier project. Mark stayed a couple of months in the Marianas and then returned to New Hampshire, though he says that later this year he will be moving back to the Marianas with his whole family.

Not long after Mark left, Vin arrived in Saipan, the capitol of the Marianas Islands with his family and due to the COVID crackdown, was forced into a FEMA camp for two weeks of mandatory quarantine. You can hear Vin talk about the experience here on his inaugural episode. Vin also migrated there as part of the Crypto Frontier project.

The Marianas Edition of Free Talk Live is performed live on Friday nights, 7-10pm Eastern though it's the morning on Saturday for Vin and co-host Alex Ugorji, Crypto Frontier's founder. You can listen at and please join our chat on the FTL Discord.

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