We've launched a Mastodon and Telegram for FTL show prep and announcements!

August 26th, 2018 - 2:05pmby FTL_Ianin

This week, Free Talk Live opened an account on the Mastodon decentralized social network.  It's basically a replacement for Twitter that is censorship-proof and it works very well.  You can follow our posts on the new Libertarian/Voluntarist/Anarchist server "Liberdon" at http://toot.freetalklive.com.  

Plus, we're now going to be originating our show prep posts via our new Telegram channel, "FreeTalkLive".  From there, they'll be shot out automatically to the FTL Mastodon, Twitter, and Facebook.  If you're still following our posts on Facebook, they will appear there, but of course you almost never see what we put on Facebook because Facebook wants us to pay to reach you.  If you want to see more than what Facebook will allow, I recommend you switch to following any other platform:  MastodonTwitter, and Telegram.

Also, please join our AMP program for just $5 a month and you'll get cool perks and help us spread the ideas of liberty, peace, and cryptocurrency around the US and planet.

Thank you for listening,