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Free Keene

Video of the New Movers Panel @ Keenevention 2015

December 25th, 2015 - 3:02pm by FTL_Ian in

Get a fresh perspective on NH activism from Keenevention ‘s New Movers Panel of people who’ve moved for the Free State Project within the last year, hosted by new-mover-to-Peterborough and author Dr. Tarrin Lupo . Panelists included Dax Seal, Jeremy Kauffman, Bruno Parga, and Gloria Leustek:

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Stay tuned to the Keenevention blog for more videos weekly and other media from the event. You can also follow the new Keenevention Twitter and Keenevention’s facebook page .

Mayor Admits City Has Spent $78,000 in Legal Fees on Robin Hood Lawsuits

December 22nd, 2015 - 12:00pm by FTL_Ian in

Sheriff of Nottingham

Hey, we’ve got legal bills to pay.

The last time we heard about how many taxpayer dollars the city of Keene has spent on their frivolous lawsuit to try to crush the rights of Keene’s Robin Hooders, it was December of 2013, the year they filed the suits against us.

Now, two years later, having lost at superior court in 2013 , then ...

Mark Edge Exits Free Talk Live’s Airwaves

December 20th, 2015 - 4:29am by FTL_Ian in

After ten years of service, Shire Free Church minister Mark Edge is leaving the airwaves of Free Talk Live , where he spent eighteen hours per week on-air creating entertaining radio with a variety of co-hosts and callers.

Now, he’ll no longer be behind a microphone on Free Talk Live and will be spending an indefinite period of time with his family each night. He is leaving it in listeners’ hands to decide when he can return to the show.

Here’s his explanation as to why from Saturday night’s final segment: