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Police Misconduct / Collecting / Illegal Uber driver

October 12th, 2015 - 11:05pm by FTL_Mark in


At some point, after reading story after story and seeing video after video, a pile of dead dogs later, I stopped making excuses for the police. Sure, I respect lots of cops, many would throw themselves in front of a bullet to protect my family and I appreciate that. However, what I saw, in way too many cases, usually in the US, was not just a cop using too much force, but he would do it in front of other cops and they would either do nothing or join in. At first I could explain this away as an isolated incident, but over time, that got harder and harder. Why can Postal workers go door to door and deal with dogs all of the time and not shoot them, but our brave Paladins of Justice seem to slather at the thought of plugging your beagle. I used to apologize for the police. I don't anymore.

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