New Affiliate in IL, New Promo

February 10th, 2018 - 1:13pm by FTL_Admin in

This week we welcomed brand-new affiliate WZUS-FM in Decatur, IL to weeknights! Our full list of 175 radio affiliates is here , should you like to see it. If you'd like us to get on 200, 300 or more, please AMP the show for just $5 per month and get cool perks.

Also here's another :60 promo for you: Liars & Theives . You can listen to more on our Promos page .

The Discord has been hopping with activity and now over 300 members! Be sure to join us there at

Also, this afternoon at 2pm Eastern Jonny Ray will be streaming more Slay the Spire on our Twitch channel .

Thanks for your support! Ian

What's Old is New Again

February 3rd, 2018 - 6:23pm by FTL_Admin in

Last week we were happy to welcome a few former affiliates back into the fold here at Free Talk Live. It's been about a decade since we were on Saturday nights on WNTK-FM and WUVR AM/FM in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire, but we're back, live! Plus, former affiliate KLID-AM in Poplar Bluff, MO is back on Sunday evenings. We're now up to 175 affiliates on AM/FM coast-to-coast!

Here's another fresh :60 promo for you to enjoy/share:

This week I spent time auditing our AMP database and ended up uncovering some accounts that weren't being charged anymore but for some reason were still counted towards the AMP total. Unfortunately, removing these accounts from their mistaken...

Free the Nipple Appeal at NH Supreme Court – Video

February 3rd, 2018 - 2:42pm by FTL_Ian in

Attorney Dan Hynes, also an A+ rated state representative by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance , appeared in the New Hampshire Supreme Court on Thursday morning and pointed out the absurdity of prohibiting female toplessness, absolutely eviscerating the city of Laconia’s clearly discriminatory ban. In contrast, the state’s attorney actually argued that it was an issue of morality as she simultaneously admitted that a woman could wear pasties over her nipples and then it would be legal, even if the pasties were printed photos of nipples!

Are there really people who believe that the sight of nipples on a woman is immoral, but because it’s legal to cover them with photos of nipples, then it’s now moral?

Further, what exactly is immoral about female nipples being shown in public?

Here’s the full hearing in front of the NH Supreme Court :

(Thanks to...