Celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day + Makerspace, Golf Course, Jiu Jitsu Businesses Now Accepting Bitcoin in Keene!

May 25th, 2017 - 11:14pm by FTL_Ian in

On May 22nd of 2010, a computer programmer made the first recorded real-life bitcoin purchase – two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoin. At the Now, seven years later, 10,000 bitcoin is now worth about 25 million US dollars! To celebrate “Bitcoin Pizza Day”, eight Keene-area bitcoiners met up Monday afternoon at Little Zoe’s Take and Bake Pizza (Keene’s bitcoin-accepting pizzeria !) and ordered up several pizzas. We chatted with owner Ed Forster while he prepared the pizzas that we would later take to the Think Penguin headquarters, bake, and enjoy. Conversation included discussion of the recent meteoric rise in bitcoin price (over $2,200 per BTC on “Bitcoin Pizza Day” to now over $2,600 three days later as I write...

FTL Moves Up to #29 on TALKERS' "Heavy Hundred" :: AMP Update

May 23rd, 2017 - 2:40am by FTL_Admin in

Since 2010, we've been honored to have been included in TALKERS Magazine's "Heavy Hundred" , the yearly list of what they call the "most important radio talk show hosts in America". This year, we move up from #31 to #29. Thanks TALKERS and thank you, dear listener, for supporting and sharing Free Talk Live, and especially those of you who have contacted your local talk radio stations about Free Talk Live .

Of course we couldn't have grown as we have without our Free Talk Live AMPlifiers . Last week, I sent an email about the AMP program slowing dropping more members than it has gained each week. That resulted in a blast of signups from new and former AMPlifiers! Thank you! As a result of the outpouring of support, AMP has reversed direction and we are now at $2,975 per month. We also received some good suggestions and I...

AMP Drops Below $2,900; Can You Help?

May 15th, 2017 - 12:30am by FTL_Admin in

This isn't the kind of news I like to report, but the AMP program is slowly losing money and has been over the last several years. While we have a couple of hundred great supporters in the AMP program, over time some people have to drop off due to their life circumstances (losing a job, tightning budget, etc). That's to be expected. Unfortunately, most months, the number of AMPers we lose slightly outnumbers the number we gain through new signups. As a result, the AMP program is dying rather than thriving. We'd love to do more to Advertise, Market, and Promote Free Talk Live (and LRN.FM), but instead I have to look at what to cut.

Rather than cutting, I've been subsidizing the AMP program with other funds, so we can continue everything we're currently doing (like paying Darryl to do affiliate relations for the show, TALKERS magazine ads, and having industry representation by talk radio...

74% of NH Senate Votes to Decriminalize Cannabis & Governor Promises to Sign!

May 12th, 2017 - 2:53pm by FTL_Ian in


NH Senate Votes 17-6 for Decrim!

This time, it wasn’t even close. The senate of New Hampshire finally did the right thing after years of debate and failed votes. Yesterday, they voted overwhelmingly, 17-6 to decriminalize possession of up to 3/4ths of an ounce of cannabis and up to five grams of hashish! That...

Keene Democrat State Rep. Joseph Stallcop Flips to Libertarian, Making History!

May 11th, 2017 - 2:02am by FTL_Ian in

In February of this year, republican state representative from Pelham, Caleb Dyer became the only sitting state rep in the United States to join the Libertarian Party . Now, just three months later, New Hampshire is making libertarian political history again as Keene democrat representing Ward One, Joseph Stallcop, today announced at a press conference at Concord’s state house, that he is also flipping to Libertarian! Here’s the full press conference video :

Not only does New Hampshire now have more sitting state reps than the other 49 states combined, but Dyer and Stallcop, both 21 years old, are forming what is likely the youngest political caucus in the history of the United States....

New Affiliate :: Liberty Lobby Week 16

May 8th, 2017 - 1:06am by FTL_Admin in

FTL welcomes listeners to KWTO-AM/FM in Springfield, MO! See our affiliates page for full details on our over 160 radio stations coast-to-coast! If you'd like to see us get on more stations, please join the AMP program for $5 (or bitcoin!) per month!

Also, last week FTL hosts including Darryl, Heather, Jay, and me all went to the state house in Concord to testify on various pieces of legislation including ending prohibition of hemp! You can watch the videos on Free Keene .

Also, the new FTL forum has its first post by Dunker who is planning on riding his bike from Florida to New Hampshire this Summer! Check it out here .

Thanks as always for listening to,...

Liberty Lobby Week 16 Videos: Hemp, E-Cigs, & More

May 8th, 2017 - 12:22am by FTL_Ian in

Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry, along with me and others from the Keene area went to the state house last week to testify on more legislation. Here are the full hearing videos:

HB 151 would completely eliminate industrial hemp from the controlled substances list. Darryl W Perry, Heather Mullins, and I spoke in favor of it. This is its senate committee full public hearing :

HB 242 would tighten e-cigarette regulations. Darryl W Perry, Jay Noone, and I spoke against. This is its senate committee full public hearing :

SB 67 would expand the jurisdiction of the state police. Darryl W Perry, Heather Mullins, and Ian Freeman spoke against it. This is its house committee...

State Rep. Dick Marple Found Guilty of “Driving After Suspension” + Full Trial Video

May 5th, 2017 - 9:00am by FTL_Ian in

State Representative Dick Marple again faced down Concord district court judge Kristin M Spath in their final round recently – his trial. At previous hearings and the trial, Marple has wowed observers by shouting at the judge and getting away with it as well as using long-talked-about court theories like refusing to cross the bar. (You can see his other hearings here and here .) He’s challenged jurisdiction from the beginning, and despite Spath’s ruling that she has jurisdiction , Marple still refused to participate in the trial they held...