State of Deleware stealing people's basketball hoops

Posted March 27th, 2011 by ihrs

Delaware Department of Transportation crews escorted by state police tore down basketball hoops this morning in two neighborhoods in Claymont amid protests from residents who say the nets aren't harming anyone. (03/25/11)

Title of posting is slanted toward violence

maulotaur 4 years 27 weeks 2 days 10 hours ago

"State of Deleware stealing people's basketball hoops"

could have read:

"Road hazards finally removed from streets improve safety".

This is not a presentation of the facts bur rather a promotion of discontent, division, and disillusion. We also do not know for a fact that all were removed without consent except for the one individual. You do not like when government officials slant words against you yet you do the same thing...

Lets Suppose they are a nusance - so what

deisenhour1 4 years 27 weeks 5 days 10 hours ago

First off its not a kit and the basketball pole looks older than the curbing which means that it has been in violation for many years or became in vilation due to changing regulations. (8000 new Federal ones every year according to Ever heard of the grandfather clause. Not that it matters to a government official. Second checked it out on google earth and msn maps only to discover that the only person in danger of hitting that pole is the homeowner. No not even a firetruck, or tractor trailer would have a problem with it. Further it is more than a foot off of the pavement and centered in a cul-de-sac that according to all the images I could find it looks like is being used to park cars. Hilldale Court, Claymont DE. And no basketball players were threatened with abduction. However the homeowner was. If he did not allow the state to steal his property from his yard right in front of him he was threatens with violence. Just a little fyi: I work and live in Delaware and this Delaware agency is way out of control. This same state agency changed the rules on mailboxes and has taken down and removed 30 year old mailboxes because they do not have a breakaway post. (If they were dangerous they probably would not have lasted 30 Years) Developers’ get plans approved by them and bid by contractors only for the quality inspectors to change the plan on site and make thousands of dollars in changes on the fly. They change the rules you and you have to pay. And perhaps those of you who are happy about this would consider how well this agency responded to his state representative or his written requests for responses. They did not even bother. They are threatened with jail for breaking rules not laws. non es liber Sorry to rant


maulotaur 4 years 28 weeks 2 hours 47 min ago

Removing these things may actually be a good thing. These basketball kits are not on private property and are a nuisance. These objects are a hazard capable of causing substantial damage to person or property. I have nearly driven into the movable versions of these things on a couple of occasions. Hey - If you want to shoot balls, perhaps doing so in a street designed for vehicles of transit is not the smartest place?? But I do support the guy's right to stand out in his yard and scream and yell like a maniac... that was definitely entertaining.


fredsanford 4 years 27 weeks 5 days 6 hours ago

You suck, moron! If you want safety, check yourself into a mental hospital. I hope you are being sarcastic. If you are not, then you deserve to be strapped to a basketball goalpost and have basketballs thrown at you for a length of time to be decided then and there. sniveling geek, shithead. What's more, I am not a sports fan. This sort of safety nazi bullshit is absolutely intolerable! I think that if people are willing to accept this crap, then we have become a country of punkass crybabies who don't deserve to have a country. DESPICABLE

Instead of threatening

Libertine_007 4 years 27 weeks 6 days 12 hours ago

Instead of threatening basketball players with physical arrest and kidnapping, folks like you ought to watch where you are going. I've seen these things all over but I have never even come remotely close to colliding with one in a motor vehicle. Maybe 'they' ought to steal your car next based on the anonymous street basketballer's complaint about you nearly colliding with his hoop. In order to be free, you must allow others to be free as well.


maulotaur 4 years 27 weeks 6 days 2 hours ago

I did not see any basketball players in that video - what the hell are you talking about? How about you just put it on your own property instead of in the road? I did not see "them" going into anyone's property to remove anything them. In any case, if you hold a title as a third party to the state then they already own your car so it would not be stealing if they took possession of it. You should really get more informed before going onto a message board to parrot radio quotes. Some self-promoting mouth pieces like to say how 'statist are living in a fantasy world' when it is people pretending to be in a "free state" who are in the fantasy of their own making. Unfortunately for you, reality will disprove itself soon enough.

Great point!

vaporstation 4 years 28 weeks 1 hour 7 sec ago

Use the violence of the state to force people to remove the basketball kits! I agree!

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