Police Respond Violently to Dancers at Jefferson Memorial

Adam Kokesh, Edward Dickey, and others were arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial. More information about the event can be found at: http://jeffersondanceparty.info/


josta59 4 years 18 weeks 5 days 22 hours ago

I just watched this atrocity. I called the US Park Police (202-610-7500) to find out what law they were breaking. I was given some sargeant's phone number. It's 10 p.m., so he didn't answer, but I left a message telling him I thought it was outrageous and asking what law they broke so I can avoid getting in trouble in the future. I left my name and phone number. I did the same with Anacostia Station, District 5 (202-610-8703), where they're being held. No answer there, either. I'm so furious.

it was a total set-up

kongfish 4 years 18 weeks 5 days 20 hours ago

If you know who the people in the video are you would know that the whole thing was setup, the cops know who those people are; they are professional protestors they get paid to do astroturf so what you saw was a total setup and the cops played right into the peoples hands but didn't care, they know they are trouble makers they are part of CODE PINK the one guy had it on his shirt CODE PINK they are 100% anti-war, except when a democrat is in power, then they are as quite as a mouse, what you saw was a totally played out set-up peace of propaganda just know this the guy who got arrested has a website called ADAM VERSES THE MAN, that speaks volumes and says it all. If they HATE AMERICA so much why not move to a socialist country where they don't have to deal with capitalism, just move, why run around spouting propaganda on behalf of socialism under the pretense of freedom.


ktmohney 4 years 18 weeks 4 days 10 hours ago

You need to check your facts. They don't hate America, they are fighting against the people who are suffocating this country. What he is promoting is exactly the opposite of socialism. It is called a free market. From the looks of your comment this guy is fighting for the very things you believe in only you don't understand what he is doing. ...and of course it was a set up...why else would dozens of people have been dancing and filming it all at the same time?

They hate America

kongfish 4 years 18 weeks 4 days 7 hours ago

In the Video half way through the guy with sunglasses and the white t-shirt Clearly STATES (QUOTE) ''I HATE AMERICA The problem with this event being a setup is that the radio talk show host portray this event as (some strangers with video cameras are visiting the JM. and that out of Nowhere the cops just show up and start banging heads. The radio show host act as if they are just looking at some random U-tube video, at some people they don't even know. That is far from the truth,the whole scene was set-up to challenge the park police. The people in the video(1 wearing a CODE PINK shirt & the lady with him)are closely aliened with a very very socialist group who claim to be ANTI_WAR9but for some strange reason their protest only happen against politicians with a (R) beside their name. They themselves claim to be SOCIALIST(a SOCIALIST IS NOT AFTER FREEDOM.) SO anyone thinking what they saw was done in the name of freedom. Sorry to disappoint you, their not. The video is a set up and for the radio host to act as if police just started harassing people is a out and out LIE. The police have had many run ins with the group of people in that video, they are professional PROTESTERS. The police(as much as I hate cops)were not going to play games with these people, they have seem the danger & Damage that groups like CODE PINK ARE capable doing, I've seen their so called protest, and they are far from PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATIONS. The radio show host are portraying a big lie and it is sad that they did this, I though I had found a group of people trying to obtain real freedom. They only want Freedom as long as it is under a Socialist agenda. socialist let you have free speech as long as it is their type of free speech, I've seen them really hurt people, and hurt them badly, people on the other side who want freedom but their views aren't allowed they are squashed by the socialist. And as far as the radio show host they need to be called out for portraying a lie.


bandito 4 years 18 weeks 5 days 6 hours ago

Obviously the whole event was setup. It's called a demonstration. The event was promoted heavily on Facebook and encouraged all supporters of the first amendment to come join them and dance silently in protest. Adam Kokesh is a patriot and one of the many young up and coming leaders of the freedom movement. Everyone who supporters basic human rights and is against our police state should be appalled by this video. Hopefully they'll keep planning on events like these in the future.

So what exactly wrong with

NonAggressionist 4 years 18 weeks 5 days 10 hours ago

So what exactly wrong with being anti-war? Before you post assumptions based on nothing but personal perception, please actually do your research. Adam Kokesh is a former Marine. Just try to imagine for a second that those using force weren't wearing badges.

More video of police misconduct

Roisin Dubh 4 years 18 weeks 6 days 2 hours ago

Courtesy of Adam vs The Man: http://youtu.be/8jUU3yCy3uI What a surprise, after ejecting everyone from the building another officer attempts to intimidate people into turning over their videos.

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