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We're LIVE all seven nights a week from 7p-10p Eastern! Take a look at our current Affiliates.

If you haven't yet, you should listen to an archive. You'll find the last week's worth of shows in the player at the top of the site. You can also get more than a year's worth of shows via our archives page. Sure, we could send you a spiffy package, and include a CD with some cherry-picked moments on it. However, we think you deserve to hear the show as it usually is. Listening note - the Saturday show is by far the most popular of our shows and has a different feel as a result. If you are considering FTL for Saturdays, be sure to sample a Saturday show.

Since you might want to hear cherry-picked moments check out our :30 and :60 promos or for a quick overview, listen to our 5 minute Shortform Demo. If there is something else that's not here that you are looking for, please email ian at