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At Free Talk Live, we strive to bring you excellent customer service. Before we tell you what you want to hear, the rates, we have to educate you on what you will be buying with those rates. Here is your Free Talk Live primer:

  • Nationally Syndicated on more than 150+ stations - Station Map - Station List.
  • 7 days a week, live 7p to 10p Eastern.
  • Ranked 31st Talk Show in the US!
  • Part of TALKERS Magazine's "Heavy Hundred" 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.
  • #1 Political Podcast 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2010 (Podcast Awards)
  • On air since 2002
  • Hosts' ages range from 20s-50s.
  • Neither Republican nor Democrat.
  • Demos: [Podcast, Men 18-44] [AM Radio, Men 65+] [FM Radio, Men 25-64]
  • Map of stations here:
  • List of affiliates here:
  • Full ad production
  • Our list of past and present advertisers includes Nestles, WebEx, John Grisham, Ruger, Jim Cramer, Subway Sandwich Shops, AutoZone, Home Depot, Kodak, AmeriGas, Life-Lock, Pro-Flowers and the History Channel.


Free Talk Live topped the list of Up-and-Coming Radio Personalities by Michael Harrison, Publisher of TALKERS Magazine

"Free Talk Live is one of the fastest growing Independent shows in America"
-- Skip Joeckel, Talk Shows USA

"The next generation of issues oriented talk."
-- Andrew Lee, PD of Clear Channel's KTCN AM, Minneapolis, MN

Everyone loves FTL’s many radio stations, but let's not overlook the podcast. Podcast listeners are dedicated. They listen to the whole show start to finish and they get it for free, so they understand that they must support the advertisers for the show to continue.


These are packages that work. I don't generally give spot rates. The reason is that if you go to the car dealer, to buy a car, you don't ask what the alternator costs. A spot is part of a campaign. You shouldn't build your own car, if you aren't an expert and same with your ad campaign. I will build custom packages. We can talk about it on the phone, if you wish. Email me for an appointment, Mark at .

Endorsement Package - $4000
We don't charge for endorsements. If we believe in the product, we will endorse it. If not, no amount of money will convince us. You just pay for the ads.
40 :60 second Live Reads, spread over 8 weeks
125x100 banner on every page
A large wide on a major page
Periodic mentions on our Facebook page

Radio :30s Package - $1997 
100 :30 second recorded ads, played on the live feed, over 2 months
125x100 banner on every page
1 mention on our Facebook page
(for :60s, double this package)

Podcast :30s Pacakge - $500
25 :30 second recorded ads, placed in the podcast, over 45 days
125x100 banner on every page
1 mention on our Facebook page
(for :60s, multiply cost by 1.5)

All packages are cash in advance

Pay in crypto = 10% off
Buy multiple packages at once = 10% on each additional package, for each additional package, maximum of 50% off

If you are interested, the best thing to do is to email me, Mark Edge, Host / Sales or schedule an appointment to talk to me on the phone here:, barring that, we can work it out through email. My email address is mark at and you can reach me at 603-513-2228. We accept Bitcoin and all other crypto currencies that are traded on

Advertising Online

Q. How much $$?

A. It depends. Whomever is paying the most will get top position on our ad bar.

Q. Why should I advertise with you?

A. You've heard the phone calls. FTL listeners are loyal. FTL listeners span all demographics. FTL listeners keep coming back to the site, because there's always something new. The advertising is extremely affordable. Where else can you reach such a great group of people for so little?

Q. What do I need to provide?

A. A banner ad, and the URL to where you want the banner to link. Banner Ad Details: 125x100 pixels, .jpg, .gif, some animation ok, size under 20KB, please.

Q. I don't have a banner ad, and need one made.

A. Email mark at

Q. How do I pay?

A. Email mark at

Q. I have more questions.

A. Email mark at