Testing the new email list.

November 23rd, 2015 - 10:09amby FTL_Ianin


We've been working behind the scenes to migrate our email list from Google Groups to our own server.  This task should now be complete and this is the first email to be sent to the new in-house list.

That means that to unsubscribe now, instead of using google groups, you can go to our website, log in, and hit "unsubscribe" on the "Sign up for FTL newsletters" area.

If you haven't yet been to our new site, please drop into http://freetalklive.com and check it out - it's newly redesigned for 2015.  I hope you like it.  Also, if you like what we do, that is, bringing the message of liberty to the airwaves seven-nights-per-week on over 160 radio stations - please AMP the show at http://amp.freetalklive.com - it's only $5 a month and you get some cool perqs.

Stay tuned for a new weekly newsletter from Free Talk Live - coming soon!

Thanks for listening,