Both Justin Paquettes In Trouble For Armed Robbery!

December 18th, 2015 - 6:51pmby FTL_Ianin
Justin M. Paquette Threatens Innocent Chalkers

Justin M. Paquette Threatens Innocent Chalkers

Last week I published a story here at Free Keene about local hate group member Justin Paquette being arrested on two counts of felony armed robbery for allegedly holding up two local convenience stores with a knife.

Very soon after publishing, I was contacted directly by a local business owner who disputed that the Justin Paquette that had assaulted my friend Derrick J back in 2014 and was present during a physical attack by his friend on a peaceful local chalker, was in fact not the same Justin Paquette as was arrested last week for allegedly robbing the gas stations.

As soon as I received this information, I updated the article to reflect that it was in dispute. Later, I saw a couple of posts from some clearly-upset people on facebook that I’d mistaken the new Justin Paquette for the old Justin Paquette. Who would have thought a small town like Keene could have two Justin Paquettes and they were both dangerous people who don’t respect property rights?

Justin Paquette Mugshot (the younger one)

Justin Paquette (the younger one)

Turns out, there are indeed two Justin Paquettes in Keene. It also turns out, after some research at Cheshire superior court this week, that both Justin Paquettes have been arrested for felony armed robbery.

The original, Justin M. Paquette, just had a birthday this month and is now 32. Court records show that this summer he took a plea deal on a felony armed robbery and misdemeanor “criminal threatening”. You can read the case summary in this PDF, which includes his sentence. (He’s currently out on probation and has a suspended sentence for five years.)

New Justin Paquette is younger, 27, and is now currently facing the fresh armed robbery charges from last week’s robberies, where he allegedly brandished a knife at convenience store clerks.

I am sorry for my mistake. Thanks to all who brought it to my attention. Now we know to beware of anyone named Justin Paquette. Any good person named Justin Paquette may want to file for a name change with their local probate court.