Welcome New Affiliates in MI, MN, MS, RI! :: Ian on Voluntaryism Intro Panel

January 8th, 2017 - 10:41amby FTL_Adminin

It's been a busy month for adding new radio affiliates!  In just the last week we've added five new stations including brand new affiliates KLKS-FM in Brainerd, MN and WNIX-AM/FM in Greenville, MS.  We also recently saw our existing affiliates add FM translators, including WJNL in Traverse City, MI and WNRI in Woonsocket, RI.  WJNL also expanded FTL to middays!  Yes, that's FTL booming out of a 50kW AM "flamethrower" transmitter across northern Michigan on weekdays during lunch!  (Plus, they're still airing us at nights as well.)  For full affiliate details on our over 160 stations, see this list.

Last week I also had the pleasure of being on an "Introduction to Voluntaryism" panel.  You can check that video out here.

Now, a little bad news:  Our AMP program has fallen below $3,000 per month for the first time in a while.  Could you please consider helping us out?  We want to keep expanding Free Talk Live and direct listener support for the AMP program is the most important way we can do that.  If you like seeing us add new radio stations, we will do that, and we'll be more effective at Advertising, Marketing, and Promoting Free Talk Live with your help.  It's only $5 per month and you get some cool perks like the AMP-only podcast and the AMP-only facebook group.  You can give via paypal, credit card, and bitcoin!  Please take a moment and sign up here if you appreciate the work we do.

Thank you for listening to Free Talk Live and for your support!