Liberty Lobby – Week 4 – Videos

February 5th, 2017 - 1:51pmby FTL_Ianin

Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry and his fellow libertarian activists once again drop in on a bunch of hearings at the state house legislative offices. Here are multiple videos of full and partial hearings and some clips:

HB 613 would reform the solitary confinement system in jails and prisons in New Hampshire. There’s some incredibly moving testimony during this full-length hearing video:

HB 562 – NH liberty legislators propose exempting internet gambling from gambling prohibitions. This video is a partial hearing:

HB 550 would create a controlled drug review board putting experts in charge of scheduling drugs in New Hampshire rather than a single bureaucrat. It also creates an NH drug schedule separate distinct from the federal one. This video is not the full hearing, but is most of it:

HB 215 would create a study committee to look at legalization of cannabis in New Hampshire. This video is the full hearing:

HCR 9 is a House Resolution that proposes to affirm New Hampshire’s state sovereignty and right to nullify the federal government. It’s not secession, but it’s a step in the right direction. This video is the supermajority of the hearing, starting only a few minutes in.

HB 598 by Representative Dick Marple would make car registration voluntary for non-commercial purposes and also make drivers licenses optional. This is the full hearing video:

Finally, a couple of clips of Darryl’s testimony in front of the elections committee on:
HB 320 – would have an algorithm determine electoral districts
HB 459 – would adjust the challenged voter affidavit