New Affiliate in PA :: Liberty Lobby Week Six

February 18th, 2017 - 4:37pmby FTL_Adminin

FTL welcomes listeners in Bellefonte, PA to the FM translator of our existing affiliate, WBLF-AM.  WBLF is now being heard on 106.3 - you can get full details on our affiliates list here.

Also, Darryl and I once again spent some time at the NH state house this week.  It was a short week though, so only two videos this time.  One, a hearing to prohibit towns from flouridating water and another to legalize hair braiding without a license.  Videos will be going up on the Free Keene YouTube channel this weekend, so be sure to subscribe!  You can support Darryl's Liberty Lobby efforts here.

Not-so-good news:  The Free Talk Live AMP program has dropped down below $3,000 per month - if you've been thinking about AMPing, please step up - we'd appreciate your support.  We'd rather move ahread thinking about what we can do next rather than thinking about what to cut out.  You'll get perks like the AMP-only call-in lines, podcast, and facebook group and you'll help us spread the ideas of liberty and peace around the globe.  Thank you in advance.  Please contribute via any major credit card, paypal, or bitcoin at

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