Announcing New AMP Goals and Perk

September 3rd, 2017 - 12:47pmby FTL_Adminin

We're announcing new AMP milestones!  People really like it when we do aftershows, but we don't do them very often.  The new idea is to incentivize more aftershows by reaching certain AMP fundraising levels.  Starting at $3,000 (AMP's currently at over $2,700) we'll do an aftershow at $3k and every $500 added to AMP after that.  For each $2,000 added to AMP, we'll add one regular aftershow per month.  We'll do the aftershows via our YouTube channel either in 360 degrees (check out our first 360 experimental show here) or with our regular cams.  They'll be live when we do them, but later only available to view by AMPlifiers.

If you're not yet an AMPlifier, please support FTL with just $5 a month via paypal, credit card, or bitcoin!

Have you checked out the new Free Talk Live forum?  If you remember the old BBS, you'll see some familiar faces.  Conversations on show topics, bitcoin and lots more are happening now - login for free and post your introduction for full access.

As always, thanks for supporting, sharing, and listening to Free Talk Live,