The truth about "fluoride"

Posted June 13th, 2010 by BufordTJustice6

An overview of the poisons known collectively as "sodium fluoride," which is added to the water supplies of most major population centers. Based on the government's own Material Safety Data Sheet, to which a link is provided.

not the best article

bill_mcgonigle 5 years 16 weeks 5 hours 17 min ago

Go to for science-based information.

More info

rokitpowerweasel 5 years 16 weeks 2 hours 36 min ago

If its a scienced based story I like to check it and tend to get a bit more information from here,

How does this issue fall under conspiracy for some people?

Repsher 5 years 16 weeks 22 hours 38 min ago

This conspiracy theory tag on this issue is annoying to say the least. It seems anytime something goes against the initial mainstream thought on any particular topic it somehow becomes a conspiracy. If you research the issue you'll find very credible people supporting both sides (Drs on both sides). As time goes on, I've noticed more and more of the conventional medicine Drs (who believed everything they were taught in medical school) draw the conclusion that it has negative health effects. For me this is huge, these are generally the people who are master regurgitators, with little exercise in the area of critical thought. Just use common sense and draw your conclusion. You don't have to take it to the extreme as to whether or not it's for mind control or something, but just start with... whether or not it has negative health effects. I think most reasonable people will draw the conclusion that it does. I haven't researched the issue lately. At the time I did, I found that it was beneficial for cavity prevention, but the negative side effects outweigh this benefit astronomically. This current paradigm where people believe you have to instantly fall on the floor convulsing for something to be bad for you... followed by the notion that "we're all going to die someday." Yes we are and I don't mind that fact, but while I'm kickin it, I want to have the highest quality of life I can within reason. Not to the point where the measures taken to avoid the behavior, chemical etc. inconvenience me more than the negative health effect would. But I don't want to live my life, fatigued, tired, brain fogged, depressed etc. In many ways this can be much worse than death. Just a note, the Dr. who I go to (who is very credible, president of various Dr organizations along with dozens of extra credentials, which to me means jack, but to others it weighs more significantly) makes a strong point to avoid fluoride at all costs, in toothpaste etc.

Replying to myself is kind of weird, but I forgot a major point

Repsher 4 years 41 weeks 2 days 19 hours ago

Under that very notion of conspiracy, all of us in the liberty movement are conspiracy theorists. We all had to think outside the box to get to the where we’re at now in our beliefs. The philosophy of true Liberty was not something most of us were taught growing up. We had to critically think to draw these conclusions. A good example of a so called conspiracy just happens to involve Obama. I have no political agenda in this example, I try to dislike all the politicians equally, but it's an example nonetheless. Prior to Obama’s race with Hillary Clinton, he was open about his Muslim faith (which I have no problem with, it's everything else). Then all of a sudden Obama claimed that he is and has always been a Christian. The media jumped on this and convinced a majority of the public this is true. So now if you say Obama is a Muslim, many people will laugh at you, since it's this "so called" conspiracy to slander the president. To me this is asinine, because you can go on Utube and watch hours and dozens of various videos (mostly all within a few years) of Obama talking extensively about his Muslim faith. But it’s a conspiracy now because the mainstream data says otherwise, when it’s an unarguable fact even to the most biased of minds… its mind boggling!!! So, just because something may go against mainstream thought doesn't instantly put it in the conspiracy category.

To me the flouride thing is a

zelaya 5 years 16 weeks 1 day 4 hours ago

To me the flouride thing is a conspiracy theory. I grew up in a place where the water has a very high level of flouride naturally, so much so that it stains kids' teeth dark brown if they drink well water. At those levels, people should be dropping like flies if the stuff is really that bad for you, but they're not. OTOH, my husband is from a country that doesn't put flouride in the water, and most everyone's teeth are rotten - maybe that's a coincidence or maybe not.

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