Shotgun preteen vs. Illegal alien Home Invaders…

Posted December 15th, 2010 by Info-Seeker

Here's a story you won't find on the mainstream news... an 11 year old girl, quite familiar with gun safely, not only stopped 2 home invaders, armed with a gun stolen from another home invasion where the homeowner was stabbed to death, successfully defender her home against the 2 perpetrators. Evidently, Common sense and education go against mainstream policies, so this story never made the news...

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phonon 4 years 42 weeks 3 days 8 hours ago

Read the other posts by "US Citizen."


In 1941 the USS Arizona was under attack by foreign enemies. In 2010 the state of Arizona is under attack by Mexico, aided and abetted by the United States government. Arizona is under invasion from a foreign country and our government aligns with the enemy.

Dude's a birther too.

Here is where all the liberals and Obama supports can’t read, “native-born citizen” is not the same a “natural-born citizen”. The constitution states that to be the president of the USA you must be a natural-born citizen not a native-born citizen. So you ask what’s the difference. It’s simple, to be a natural-born citizen both of your parents must be a US citizen and the individual is born under US Rule.


mosltyfree 4 years 42 weeks 3 days 18 hours ago

Sorry the premise is interesting, but the story is made up. Its been going around the web for YEARS.


tittiger 4 years 42 weeks 3 days 13 hours ago

I read your link and did not come to that conclusion. Only that the original source was not found.


mosltyfree 4 years 42 weeks 2 days 16 hours ago

There is no known news story, the town doesnt even exist and its been circulating the web for years. Its not a real story.

What does illegal immigrant status have to do with anything?

vaporstation 4 years 42 weeks 3 days 21 hours ago

It just seems like unnecessary talking points thrown into the story to show the reader just how "patriotic-Amurrken" the writer is. It's a great story for the right to defense, don't get me wrong, but it just left me bothered. First of all, this isn't reporting. No times, dates, locations (aside from the "uhyuk dem dirtbag ill-e-gals fuhgot they wurr in Montanya derp" comment). Well, I just did a quick Google search for one of the "illegal immigrant's" names and found this link: I don't believe the story. If it's true, good on the girl. Unprofessional either way.


tittiger 4 years 42 weeks 3 days 13 hours ago

In my book the fact that they were illegals were part of good reporting. Remember who, what when, where, and why? At least the author got part of that equation. :-)


vaporstation 4 years 42 weeks 3 days 8 hours ago

is bliss.

Illegal Immigrants

Info-Seeker 4 years 42 weeks 4 days 3 min ago

Hey, first off, I was just pasting the topic / title of the article, so please do not call me a hater. Second, I do not think identifying someone by their status, as an illegal immigrant, is in any way condescending, and it definitely wasn't hate... People tend to use descriptive phrases when describing persons of a different background than them. I am a white guy, so I say my black friend Rod, or my Chineese or Korean friend Rage... While it may not be 100% politically correct, its just a natural habit. Rod is 1 of the few people I would give a key and alarm code to my house and trust with my woman. I do not care what color he is, but it might come up when I describe him cuz he is different from me... not better or worse, just different. I am sorry if my direct quotation of the article title offended you, but it was not my intention. Though in the future, there may be more deserving individuals who are truly persecuted and much more deserving of your outrage than 2 dead probable murderers, who were killed in the execution of a crime where they may have added another digit to their body count, and a possible pre-teen rape. I say good for the girl. I learned how to handle a gun when I was 6. I was also taught you do not point a gun at someone unless you plan to kill them. Surprisingly, there were never any gun accidents in my house... I strongly believe this is how it should be. Had the "Politicals" had their way, this girl would be home alone with no gun against 2 home invaders, or the gun would be locked up out of her reach. Which is probably why this story never made mainstream news... it doesn't fit with their no guns for anyone, especially not kids policy.. The sad part is, they would have used her rape / death as an excuse to crack down harder on gun control cuz the invader had a gun... Wake up, and point the political outrage where it needs to be, or at the very least, deserves to be..

Nice story

mikesylvia 4 years 42 weeks 4 days 18 hours ago

Minus the 'illegal alien' hate.

What hate? They were

SeanD 4 years 42 weeks 4 days 31 min ago

What hate? They were illegals. They had already killed 1 person in a previous home invasion so that proved they were murderous.

I agree

tittiger 4 years 42 weeks 3 days 13 hours ago

I agree what hate? If you had said they were 5 foot tall I suppose that would have meant you "hate" short people and insinuated that short people commit crimes. If you would have said the crime occurred at 6 am you would have been stating that you "hate" early risers.... LOL Facts are facts are facts. To some warped leftist minds facts become hate.... They would have a problem with someone saying "the sun rises in the east" I know there is hate in there somewhere - just give me a minute and I will find it. Perhaps they are saying that they hate people from the east (Asians) Yea that's the ticket.


vaporstation 4 years 42 weeks 1 day 16 hours ago

You're on the FTL website and you're accusing people of being leftists? Man, you're the one who needs to wake up.

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