Episode - March 15th 2017

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Britain Begins Exiting the EU :: Aura of Legitimacy :: Scotland to Vote on Secession from UK Again? :: Flat Earth Lunatic :: Poaching Rhinos :: Rhino Horn Market :: Love, Libertarianism, and Objectivism :: Liberty Lobby Update :: Legalize Firecrackers :: Creepy Listening Devices :: US VISA Application Fees :: Explaining Freedom to the Unfree :: Creepy Police Surveillance Cams :: Red Light Robin Hood :: Garage Sale Permit :: HOSTS - Ian, Darryl


March 16th, 2017 - 4:14am Permalink

If you actually looked into it, there is all kinds of evidence supporting flat earth, disproving the globe and exposing the lies of the gov military branch that controls all of the space propoganda.  Ian cut this guy off as he was about to answer the question of how there can be thousands of people involved in such a cover-up.  This is an easy and common question to explain:  they are all told only what they need to know to perform their job, just like any other military section.  Even outside of the military, in many situations people do not know or need to know all of the details of all aspects of whatever operation where they are contributing. 

For those of us who have researched the subject, the snickering and disbelief reactions demonstrate the depth of programming to which you have been subjected.  If you can't conduct the program in a respectful and knowledgeable manner about the subject, then it would be better for you to not include it at all since you are only going to ridicule their attempts to respond before you cut them off the air as you do each time.