Program Director Testimonials

A rising star among the independents
Michael Harrison TALKERS Magazine
Lively, topical, young, focused on the listener, and irreverent, but not juvenile and stupid. These guys are pros.
David Bernstein Legendary Talk Programmer WOR, WBZ, WRKO, etc.
FTL brings us everything we wanted for weekend programming - live, sincere, and a needed rest from the 24/7 Republican vs Democrat battle.
Matt Millar PD, WFLA FM Tallahassee, FL
The next generation of talk radio is here, right now. Ian and Mark bring talk radio into the 21st century.
Ken Pauli PD, WFTL AM Miami, FL
FTL is a dynamic, interactive, live show that has brought new life to my weekend lineup!
Dan Gaffney PD, WGMD FM Rehoboth Beach, DE
(FTL) gets into various topics and doesn't just spend three hours beating one topic to death. Plus, several listeners have commented that FTL keeps them hooked. That's good for us!
Rick Stevens OM, WKMQ AM/FM Tupelo, MS
Now, more than ever, talk radio needs fresh new talent with compelling content. Free Talk Live provides me with exactly that.
Phil Tower Legendary Talk Programmer WOOD, Grand Rapids, MI
Finally a weekend talk show that's live and hip! It's the best of both worlds with Free Talk Live.
Keith Malinak PD, WSCC FM Charleston, SC
No insane contracts, no added inventory and good, live, compelling programming. I think FTL would work on almost any talk format.
Tom Sebourn PD, KGOE AM Eureka, CA
I've added FTL to my weekend lineup, and it has great interplay between the hosts and callers. LIVE, free-wheeling, fast-paced, and always stimulating.
Bill Meyer OM, KMED AM Medford, OR
Free Talk Live has, after only two months, captured my listeners with its younger view! It's a great alternative to the old fogies!
Rusty Thomas PD, WWCK AM Flint, MI
FTL exposes people to a point of view rarely heard on talk radio yet widely held by the general public.
Mark Jones OM, WVBG AM Vicksburg, MS
As General Manager I listen all the time. FTL is uplifting talk radio for free thinkers.
Mike Lundgren General Manager, KCAA AM & KTAE AM Riverside, CA & Cameron, TX
Program Directors know that Free Talk Live can't be ignored and that it's a force to be reckoned with. It's a program who's time has come and is truly the next generation of issues-oriented talk.
Skip Joeckel Talk Shows USA
Smart, fun, and very unique... the next generation of issues oriented talk.
Andrew Lee PD, KTCN AM Minneapolis, MN
Free Talk Live gets our listeners fired up! Ian is the only host that personally checks in from time to time to see if we need anything. The entire cast is great as well. Great show, great service!
Jimmy Fish PD, WGGH AM Marion, IL
FTL energizes nights! A cool and intelligent alternative, popular with our 25-54 target while bringing young people to talk radio.
Brian Rickman PD, WVNA-AM Muscle Shoals, AL
Finally, a show that focuses on the battle for our future between the forces of individual liberty and those who would deny it to us. Your listeners will say, 'Wow, I thought I was the only one who felt this way.'
Ted Baker PD, Finger Lakes News Radio Finger Lakes, NY
Fresh, entertaining and gives our listeners a reason to tune in Saturday nights!
Chad Young PD, WKCT AM Bowling Green, KY
Our WNYY listeners are extremely active listeners and they love to tell us how much they love or hate the views presented on Free Talk Live, both weekdays and the weekend edition. The perspectives and content is something fresh and thought-provoking in this Ivy League town.
Dave Vieser APD, WNYY AM Ithaca, NY
21st Century talk for today and tomorrow... Miss it and you'll miss a lot.
Mike Mangan GM, WSTP AM Salisbury, NC
Scratching their nails across the blackboard of talk radio, Ian and Mark grab your attention and make you think. Add FTL for a refreshing change from the normal fare.
Dave Evans PD, WVTS AM Charleston, WV
Free Talk Live is the only show we have on the air that defies all conventional political labels. It's witty, fresh, intriguing and sometimes completely outrageous...but always good radio.
Steve Hexom PD, KBUR-AM
This show can become 'appointment listening' to people who might not otherwise cume your station. FTL raises your station's online profile.
Holland Cooke News/Talk Specialist McVay Media
We were looking for unique and fresh talk content and FTL delivered right out of the gate.  These guys get it!
Stuart Langston PD, WBHP/WHOS Huntsville/Decatur, AL
Free Talk Live is great talk radio...very entertaining. And by entertaining I mean smart, witty and thought-provoking. It's the perfect night-time alternative to more-of-the-same political talk.
Randall Bloomquist President, Talk Frontier Media
'Free Talk Live Saturday' showed solid audience reaction in PPM. When Thompson announced his departure the choice was clear: Free Talk Live. Sensible. Intelligent. Interactive. Entertaining.
Scott Roddy PD, WXNT AM Indianapolis, IN
If you are a station wanting something that will add some spice to your evening lineup, FTL is the way to go!
J.R. Smith PD, KBYO FM Monroe, LA
FTL is a breath of fresh air that makes you think hard about other options to solving and discussing issues of may not always agree, but it's riveting radio--they tackle topics many will not even touch!
John McKay PD, KFLD AM Pasco, WA